The following lists of stallions are NOT owned by Wine Country Sport Ponies
 This is a list of Breeding stallions available in the USA to help mare owner who want to breed sport ponies. Simply click on the name of the stallion you wish to know more about.

GRP Stallions(Fresh semen available in USA)
Adonis- (RPSI,Weser-Ems,sBs,ISR/Oldenburg
Altitude- Canadian Sport Pony,ISR Oldenburg
Belafonte d'Avalon-RPSI, Weser- Ems,Sport Pony Studbook Society-SPSS(UK),International Sporthorse Registry-Pony Division & Le Cheval D
de SportBleg(sBs)
Benno's Dream-RPSI'Weser-Ems.ISR Oldenburg,NASPR
Bonofacio FLF-(CAN) Werser Ems,Canadian Sport Pony
Bodyguard-(CAN) Weser Ems,Oldenbug NA/,RPSI Studbook 1 (Pony)
Bulgari Boy-Weser Ems,Rpsi,Isr/OLD
Burberry-Weser Ems,RPSI ISP OLD
Fox Creeks Sensational-

Chardonnay-Weser Ems

FS Daily Hero-Weser Ems,Rpsi,Isr/OLD,NASPR
Fox Creeks Diamond King-RPSI
Duke Of Clarence-
Hilkens Go For Gold-(CAN) RPSI,NASPR,Canadian Sport Pony
Golden State-Westfalen,Weser Ems,RPSI,NASPR,ISR/OLD
Manchester City-Weser Ems
Petit Marc Aurel- Westfalen,Weser Ems,RPSI,
MilkyWay(CAN)Westfelen,Canadian Sport Pony
Oh Kaptain Underpants
Popeye- ISR/OLD,Westfelen
Stibbyme- Hannover Pony,Weser Ems ISR/OLD
Wicked Courtjester-Dutch New Forest Pony ISR/OLD

GRP stallions  frozen semen availble in USA

Non GRP Frozen


Stallions of other breeds approved for breeding

North Forks Cardi-RPSI,Weser Ems,NASPR
FS Spirit- RPSI
Providence Of The Night- RPSI
B,sLunar Eclipse- RPSI, Canadian Sport Pony,Weser Ems
Fox Creek's Jack Sparrow- Rpsi
Stellar TVR-RSPI,AHR,Weser Ems,AWS(Haflinger stood Book For RPSI)
Daventry's Power Play-RSPI.ISR/OLD,Westfelen, Canadian Sport Pony
Silver Snaffles Lady Chaser-RPSIS,ISR/OLD,NASPR
Smoke Tree Poetry in Motion- RPSI,Weser Ems,ISR/OLD
Smoke Tree Snapdragon-RPSI
Soleil CA ox - RPSI
Striking Gold- RPSI
Fiontar Mac Tire-ISR/OLD
Brilliant Buckley ISR/OLD Cherubs Casanova-ISR/OLD
Forst Prince-ISR/OLD
 Gold Hill's Brandy Snap-ISR/OLD

Majestic Dakota-NASPR
Blue Dreamin Catadude-NASPR
HK Danny Boy-NASPR
PL Macchiato-NASPR
Rosedale Top Cat-NASPR
Morton's Jazzy Catz-

Sport Pony Stallions

Warmblood stallions 16.1 Hands and smaller

Ridley-15 hand Hanoverian
Don Hill- 16 hand Hanoverian
Escudo II (Frozen Only) 16.1 hand Hanoverain
Donnarweiss-16 hand Hanoverian
Finery-16.1 hand Oldenburg
Royal Prince-16.1 hand Hanoverian
Pallido Blue CF- 16 hand pinto RPSI
Donnerwelt-(Frozen Only) 16.1 hand Hanoverian