Not only does this dual Bundeschampionat winner and FEI level dressage champion have an endless list of national and international wins and placements in competition himself, but the achievements of his progeny are truly quite extraordinary. He has sired no less than 11 Bundeschampions and a great many Reserve Bundeschampions, had five top placed sons at the 2002 German Riding Pony Stallion Approvals, and a daughter who sold for the record price of 70,000 euros at auction. In the year 1998, FS Don't Worry was named Reserve Champion of the German Riding Pony Approvals, held at Aachen, 3yo Champion of the NRW Riding Pony Championship, and 3yo Bundeschampion. In 1999, he won his Stallion Performance Test at Muenster Handorf, was 4yo Champion of the NRW Riding Pony Championship, and 4yo Bundeschampion, this time receiving an incredible six scores of 10.0. FS Don't Worry has ammassed a multitude of wins and championships in the national and international dressage arena, where he competed with enormous success to Intermediare I level. He won a bronze medal in the Rhein Championships, and took 5th place in the German Junior National Championships, ridden by Miriam Licinio.

By the young age of 13 FS Don't Worry had already produced over 30 Licensed Stallions and 35 State Premium mares. Some of FS Don't Worry's many outstanding progeny include:

  • *FS DAILY HERO (2001 Approvals Champion; 2004 USA Performance Test Champion)
  • *DON'T FORGET (2004 Bundeschampion, 2005 Reserve Bundeschampion)
  • *DI CAPRIO (2001 Approvals Reserve Champion)
  • *DARK MAGIC (2002 Elite Mare Show Champion, 2002 Mare Test Champion, 2002 Bundeschampionesse, 2003 Reserve Bundeschampionesse and 2005 Bundeschampionesse)
  • *DANDINI (2002 Reserve Champion Stallion)
  • *DINARION (2003 Bundeschampion)
  • *HB DREAMGIRL (2003 Bundeschampion, 2004 Bundeschampion and 2003 Elite Mare Show Champion)
  • *FS DARK SHADOW (2003 Reserve Bundeschampion, 2003 Mare Test Champion and 2003 Elite Mare Test Reserve Champion)
  • *HB DAYLIGHT (2003 Approvals Reserve Champion, 2004 Performance Test Champion and 2004 Bundeschampion)
  • *BAUMANN'S DAYLIGHT (2004 Reserve Bundeschampion and 2004 Elite Mare Show Reserve Champion)
  • *DANCE OF GLORY W (2004 Reserve Bundeschampion)
  • *DESTINATION W (2004 Elite Mare Show Champion and 2005 Bundeschampion)
  • DANNY H (2004 Elite Mare Show Reserve Champion)
  • *FS HARRY POTTER (2004 Performance Test Champion)
  • *FS DISAGIO (2004 Performance Test Champion)
  • *FS DON'T WORRY JUNIOR (2004 Champion Stallion and 2005 Bundeschampion)
  • *HB GOLDEN GIRL (2005 Elite Mare Show Champion, 2005 Bundeschampion, and sold for a record 70,000 euros at auction)
  • *FS DANCING DIAMOND (2005 Bundeschampion)
  • *DON'T THATCH (2005 Bundeschampion)
  • *DAY OF WHISPER (2005 Reserve Bundeschampion)
  • *FS DIOR DE LUXE (2005 Reserve Federal Champion).